Topic outline

  • Overview

    Financial Feasibility Analysis
    August 12, 2:30pm-5:30pm, Oakland Peace Center 
    111 Fairmount Avenue, Oakland CA 94611

    This workshop covers the nitty gritty basics of real estate transactions & a group's process of determining the feasibility of a purchase using a multi-faceted Feasibility Analysis. 

    Workshop topics include: 

    1. Overview of Real-Estate Transactions & Feasibility Process: 

    a) "Writing" offers on properties with a broker/agent & how that works with a CLT

    b) Researching properties based on location/size/type, price & condition. 

    c) Knowing what you can afford / what gap financing must be attained  (i.e. the group’s income & available assets to pay).

    • Total housing payment (for each household) should not exceed 30-38% of gross (pre-tax) income.
    • Using a mortgage calculator

    d) Financing – solid down payment amount; amount of supportable mortgage; basic overview of a commercial real estate mortgage

    e) Additional Calculations on Costs from Inspections and assessment of condition of property

    2. How to use NCLT's Financial Feasibility Worksheets (Microsoft Excel Document): 

    • Rent Roll
    • Development Budget
    • 15 year Operating Pro-forma
    • additional tools

    More Info & Resources Coming Soon!!